Friday, June 4, 2010

Stella’s favorite foods.

Pet Food companies have issues.
Okay, I know that I have a weird dog, but there are a lot of dogs out there that ARE allergic to at least one food. And the top three culprits are beef corn and wheat. Take a look at your dog food. What are the first 3 ingredients? Uh, huh. That’s right, pet food companies are a**holes and those ingredients are cheap.  My boyfriend, Brian, is the owner of Trevor, a one-hundred pound Golden Retriever/dinosaur mix. Trevor gets ear infections and his skin itches and breaks out. Now, Brian and I love each other, but this is one of our contentions. I am convinced that his big, all-American dog has food allergies. How do I get to this conclusion? By the simple fact that my dog almost went deaf because of her affinity for beef rawhides and shelter donated food.
I have argued this with him around and around. He is coming to. Trevor takes a Benadryl once a day and has switched over to Stella’s food.
That food should be minted. I mean, if you want to feed your dog decent food that will not make it sick, get out your checkbook. It’s gonna cost ya. But, you will save on vet bills. Stella has tried a lot of them. Currently, she is on Pro Plan for Sensitive Skin and Stomach (pink and black bag). It is not the greatest one, but Stella is a picky eater and doesn’t like some of the other fancy fancy foods.  It is also the least expensive of all of them.
If you find a food you like for your puppy and it is costly, write the company and tell them how much you LOVE the food, how it has changed your dog’s life, how you tell EVERYONE about how wunderbar this food is. If you have a funny looking dog like mine, attach a pic.
You will get coupons. Stella ate for free for a month on Natural Balance. Then, she stopped eating it and we had to switch. Picky, picky eater.
I also add real food: carrots, sweet potatoes, rice and oatmeal mixed in her food are sure bets for a clean bowl. All are good for her tummy.  Aside from ear infections and skin pimples, no-no food gives Stella the runs. So I have to be ultra careful with treats and food. One time, at a friend’s house, Stella got into the diabetic cat’s food. Oh sure she was in heaven as most dogs love them some cat food. But this food was high in beef fat. She pooped water non-stop for two days. For a week, I couldn't leave my house for more than an hour at a time, I didn't sleep more than an hour at a time.  I had to buy a steam cleaner, a couple of rugs to hide the stains that wouldn’t come out and more bleach than I thought was produced. I took her to the vet where she got more meds and a crazy expensive vet bill (who knew it was so expensive to check a dog’s poop?!) I added to my tally the loss of my $400 pet deposit thanks to the ruined carpets. Stella had just eaten a dinner that ended up costing…$1,000. Take that Bill Gates. 

This is a picture of just a few of the stains bleached out on my ruined carpet. One of the new rugs went here. Also. Yes. That is a diaper on my dog. It came to that.
Then, I discovered another natural cure…pumpkin. Again, do the research! Pumpkin is a fiber-filled food that is a natural diarrhea fighter. If Stella is having some mad-belly, I just get a can of pumpkin (stock up; it’s seasonal) and put about 1/4c. of it in her food. Sure she poops orange for a week, but she doesn’t ruin the carpets.
Foods that are good good things:
Find foods that have these as the main ingredients.
Sweet Potatoes/Potatoes
Olive Oil (a little helps her skin stay soft.)

High fats, beef wheat, and corn are the devil when you have a sensitive dog. Check the labels of all food, chew toys and treats or else your dog will wear a diaper.


  1. Great post! I hate that people assume that the over-processed bags of crap labeled as "dog food" are more nutritious than so-called "table scraps". My dogs eat about a 50/50 mix of high-quality dog food and REAL food. And that is only because I am lazy. I am working toward preparing all of their meals myself, but haven't quite gotten there yet. All of the foods you mentioned are ok for dogs EXCEPT... avocado! While a dog-safe derivative of avocados is sometimes added to dog food (one brand I have seen is Avoderm), fresh avocados are toxic to dogs. Just something to keep in mind. My dogs' favorite nibbles include tomatoes, pears, apples, and watermelon :)

  2. True, true! Those were foods as main ingredients. like Avoderm...which Stella doesn't' like anyway. Thanks for the clarification!