Friday, June 11, 2010

Meet Maggie.

Stella and  I were going along fine together. The summer of 2008 was spent relaxing and spending time with friends. Stella was always invited along and her charm made her a great party guest. But when school went back in session, suddenly, my dog was alone in the house for eight to ten hours a day. I knew she was just sitting there singing, "no booooody knowssss the trouble i seeeeeeen" while staring out the window at the world going by.
Luckily, my dad found a cat sitting in his boat at his house. And luckily that cat was knocked up with 4 kittens. And luckily, I am a softie. I figured that if Stella had a friend, they would be able to pass the time together - doing what I didn't know, but my parents needed to get rid of a kitten and I figured that a kitten would be easier than another dog.
Enter Maggie.

Now, Stella is named after A Streetcar Named Desire. So it was only natural that my little girl cat would be named Maggie, after Maggie the Cat in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
Stella was a little afraid of her at first.
Eventually, Maggie and Stella became sisters. They really do entertain each other. I think having Maggie with her during the day helped Stella be less depressed. And because Maggie has known Stella since the day she was born, she thinks of herself as an equal. Maggie enjoys sitting on the coffee table and jumping on Stella's back as she passes by. Stella never notices it.

But at night, they snuggle together on their blanket. That is not a posed photo. This is how my girls roll.

The one negative? Oh, yeah, you KNOW my dog is allergic to cats. What to do? The cat gets a bath once a month to get rid of her extra fur and dander. No. No I don't have a picture of that. Because usually by the end of that bath experience, I am soaked, half naked, pissed and exhausted. And covered in bite marks. Definitely not in the mood to grab a camera. Maybe I will soon. But if you ever want to understand how to pronounce the F-bomb in 'cat,' dunk a kitten in a pool of soapy water some time. The sounds that emanate from them are the sounds of demons. I am pretty sure my neighbors think that I skin cats for fun once a month.
But, if it keeps Stella from breaking out in hives, the cat must take one for the team.

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