Friday, May 28, 2010

How does she eat?

If I had a nickel for how many times I get asked this question.
One of the defining characteristics of Stella is her tongue. 

I don’t even think about it much until someone mentions it.  People like to say (in a baby talk voice), “Oh, are you sticking your tongue out at me?!” And then I tell them that, no, in fact she has no teeth and her lower jaw is recessed so her tongue has nowhere to go.
Why can’t I just politely laugh and go, “Oh, heh, heh, Yep. Silly widdle puppy!” and be on my merry way? No. I have to go into my monologue about how because she is a Chinese Crested, she has a bad mouth. Stella lacks a lower jaw and if you pull up her lips you will see the teeth still hidden in her gums. They just never broke through. This is probably a blessing since most Cresteds have to have major dental surgery because their teeth are all cracked out. Mine's just sit up there in her gums. It makes her gums rock hard, so she eats hard food like a normal dog. It’s not pretty to watch, mind you. Food falls out of her mouth and she drools all over the place during dinner, but she makes it happen. Hell, she’s 28 lbs. She is getting fed.

It made teething a breeze! I am pretty sure that Stella was just over a year old when I got her. She was definitely a puppy because she loved to chew everything. The lack of teeth was lovely since her favorite treat was the heel of one of my shoes. I have a shoe addiction. Well – I did until I adopted Stella. Now I have a bunch of out of style heels from 2008 in decent condition. She would work on one of my high heels for hours and not damage it. It was just be really, really wet with slobber.
Currently we are on the third pork rawhide that she has ever owned. It looks brand new.

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