Friday, May 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Jake was thrilled. He and Stella played and played. My new dog was a bully. She pounced and snapped just like a real dog only - without teeth. Jake was in love. They wore each other out chasing and running and jumping. Then Stella found a mirror I had propped up in my dining room (super small apartment). She just stared at herself. “Yes, beauty is in the eye, isn’t it, Stella?”
These are the pictures from her first night home.

Our first vet visit happened a week later. Jake had gone home, heartbroken. Stella had spent 2 nights itching her ears and shaking her head. Ear infection. I took her to the HSMO vets. I figured, if I am going to spend this much money on her, I might as well give it to the shelter that saved her.
It was an ear infection. She had already had two infections before I had adopted her. One each month.
“We will probably have to take her ear drums out since she will always have raging ear infections. She’ll be deaf.”
Ummmmm, no? That didn’t sound like an option to me. I paid the $300 for the visit and the ear meds. $300. That was three pairs of high heels. That was a month’s bar tab. $300. I would have to skip eating out that month.
I went online and started researching ear infections and treatments. I have learned that vets are great, but go to them armed with information. It will help you immensely.
By her third ear infection, I was ready.
I read online that ear infections can be caused by allergies. I talked with the vet and she agreed.
“Most dogs are allergic to beef, wheat or corn. Some dogs are allergic to all o them.”
I looked at my cross-eyed wonder. She was probably the trifecta.
I paid another $300 to the vet and went to PetsMart. I found a food that had no beef, wheat or corn. I then went to Target and got Benadryl, that the vet said that Stella could have twice a day. Then, I went online and found Earasil. It is a boric acid, alcohol solution that is a natural ear cleaning and astringent. I ordered a case from Bill's Liquid Vitamin Stop.

She hasn’t had an ear infection since. She still has her ears. What might have been a surgery that would have taken her hearing was nothing more than an allergic reaction. Do your research.
This was my induction into the world of special needs. We have only just begun to hit the tip of the iceberg.


  1. That is a great story! I am so glad that you figured it out and didn't have to resort to surgery. I have learned that a good vet is hard to find! Fortunately, I found one. Unfortunately, his office is an hour's drive away. But it is worth it to me, to know that my best friends are getting the best care possible.