Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here We Go!

This is a new blog. I hope it can help people with Special Needs Pets. When I look online for information about caring for a SND (special needs dog from now on) I always end up in tears. It is a hard thing to deal with - and Stella has a book full of special needs. I hope that this blog will be informative but also a way to look at the positive side of caring for a SND. I mean....Stella is with me for a reason, right? I might as well smile through the hard times.

 I will share my story about Stella in blogs. Please feel free to share your stories too. But, remember, this isn't the sappy blog. There are plenty of those - and they're great. We need blogs that remind us how tender life can be and how sweet and innocent our little ones are. But here, we will share the silly stories and the Holy Crap moments.

I'm sure there are Special Need Lizards out there. This is not just a blog about dogs. I would love to read the story of a special needs hamster, wouldn't you?

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