Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Meet Stella. She's special alright. Yesterday, we stopped traffic. On the way to the vet, I was waiting at a stoplight on Hampton Avenue; Stella was dangling out the window as far as her seat belt would allow. These two older black women were next to us in traffic and the driver rolled her window down - cackling.
"What is that?"
Yeah. I get that a lot. 
'That' (see above) is what happens when a Chinese Crested and Boston Terrier fall in love and have a baby.
My dad says that Stella is a dog designed by a committee. My brother in law, Steve, says that she is an alien. My twin, Hannah calls her Miss Thang.
The jury is split half and half on whether she is ugly or cute. Or so ugly THAT she is cute.
But these women were enthralled. "Why's her tongue hang out?"
"She's toothless." 
That one threw them! The woman driving the car had about 3 gold teeth in the front of her mouth ,so I know she appreciated the dental problems of my puppy. I continued to field questions about my dog and her uniqueness. Then the light turned green. These women were still talking to me. Stella was still trying to get in their car, just in case treats were lurking there. Cars behind me were honking.
"We have Shitzu's."
"That's nice. Have a blessed day." And off we went. As people passed me on the right, they were about to give me the finger I'm sure, until they got a look at why the traffic didn't move for 10 seconds following the light change. Sneers turns to smiles. Stella could win over the grumpiest person alive. 
In the next couple blogs I will share the story of how Stella became part of my family and how her special needs have changed my life. 

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